Heaven & Earth / by Emma Conroy

Rowan Conroy, Heaven and Earth, from the despoiled tomb of Alcetas, Termessos, Turkey. 2006, printed 2019. Carbon piezography print on cotton rag.

In my practice I have been interested in the tradition of ruin thought, which is pertinent to both very recent ruins and abandoned ancient sites.
— Rowan Conroy

Above is an image from my upcoming show Sightseeing, opening at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery on 12 July.

The image depicts the classical motif of heaven and earth represented through the eagle and the snake. The image was taken at the Hellenistic Tomb of Alcetas, Termessos, Turkey. This work is of a number that were taken during an extensive trip in 2006, but have never been shown until this point.

This part of the exhibition will feature works such as this one, alongside much more recent industrial ruins from Australia.